Solar Powered Tower

The TAG Solar CCTV Tower is a unique, self-contained unit which combines a lighting tower and CCTV into a space saving, cost effective and environmentally friendly security system.

With one installed on your site you can have instant network access to video and alarm detaction of unauthorised personnel without a permanent power source or thee noise and fumes of deisel generators. Rapidly deployed (being trailed to any location) and set-up with ease they are the ultimate addition to any modern construction project.


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  • Four banks of 55 Watt lights for 360° illumination all of which can be independently controlled
  • Includes a PTZ camera unit with the full camera record and control system, incorporating the Heitel Mobile (an extremely rugged, vandal resistant) recording system
  • Built-in base station allows the tower to monitor up to 250 TAG detectors
  • Unique and encrypted communication protocols for detectors, preventing unwanted alarm interference
  • Zero emissions
  • No noise
  • Internal backup battery to ensure no loss of power
  • Unattended operational lifetime 3 to 6 months making them perfect for remote locations